About Suzy


I’ve dedicated my life to one belief:

“Love what you do and do what you love.”

The Start I have always been a creative person, and coming to America allowed me to express my passion for what I love most--leather. My father owned a large tannery in Iran, and upon arriving in America, we rebuilt the business we had been forced to leave behind. I started working in the family business and continued into adulthood, traveling the world and developing expertise with all sorts of leather—particularly lamb skin, which is used in the fashion industry.

While still in my early twenties, I was working with some of the most important garment, handbag, shoe, and accessory designers around the globe.

Hospitality In 2007, I leveraged my knowledge and experience in leather to start a hospitality division at Demar Leather Company. With the support of my husband, Joseph Sokol, whose family has been in the leather business for nearly a century, I began to build a vision for a company that would embrace the spirit of total client commitment combined with a passion for leather.

Design Black and brown have traditionally dominated the leather color palette, but I realized right away that designers wanted to see a wide range of colors and novel textures. For instance, it was common to find croco embossed cowhide on the market, but having been in the fashion industry for so many years, I asked, why not put metallic accents on the scales and hand wipe the tips with darker tones to create a real work of art? It would not be long before our company was offering over 1,000 different styles, patterns, and color combinations, each one more spectacular than the last.

My vision going forward is to continue innovating new leathers while working closely with the most talented designers and architects around the world.